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Meet Your 2023-2024 DAC! 

We are so excited to serve the MDW District this year!  Our very own, Holly Baker from the MDW District is at the helm and reminding us that we can all Matter IN Pilot! Join us this year in inviting and extending the invitation of Pilot to all your friends and family!

Tina Young (Treasurer)

From left to right: Danette Frauenholtz (Governor-Elect), Tammy Ales (Governor), Janice Megel (Treasurer)

2023-2024 ECR: Jayne Lackey

2023-2024 Midwest District DAC Officers

Governor: Tammy Ales: tales@machlink.com

Governor Elect: Danette Frauenholtz:  dfrauenholtz@gmail.com

Treasurer: Janice Megel: adamsara3@msn.com

Secretary: Tina Young: yrustina@yahoo.com 

ECR: Jayne Lackey: jlackey@uga.edu

Join Us For Fall Workshop 2023! Children's Therapy Center On October 14th, 2023 in Rock Island, IL. 9:00-3:00

2022-2023 Midwest Directory final.docx

2022-2023 Midwest District Directory

2022-9-24 PILOT VISIBILITY rev 2.pptx

Facebook Presentation at Pilot Fall Workshop

Fundraising- So You need some Money.pptx

Fundraising Presentation at Fall Workshop

Projects for Pilot Club Fall Workshop 2022 docx.docx

Projects Presentation Pilot Fall Workshop 2022

Membership Presentation

Membership Presentation Pilot Fall Workshop 2022